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Young Infants 

Newborns 6wks-12mos

Our Infant program provides a warm, secure atmosphere where your baby can grow and explore freely. Our nurturing and trained infant care staff will provide your child a quality care for your little one. We believe that the introduction to learning can never start too early, we play with colors, numbers, and shapes to encourage early communication, speech exposure and discovery through play. We provide plenty of exploration time by allowing the babies ample floor time both on their tummies and their backs.We run on your baby’s time and let them tell us what they need. They eat, sleep, and play on demand. Whatever their need our staff is there to meet it. 



Our continued infants program, mobile infants, is a classroom tailored to prepare our infants transition easily into their toddler years. We strive for an exciting and energetic environment for our early learners. Our daily goals include; language exposure and learning, small and large motor skill development, music in motion, and ongoing socialization. We look forward to working with your family to provide your baby the best care possible!

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