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Safety is Our Priority 

Follow COVID Protocol

As always, we are putting safety first to protect our families and staff.  In response to the increased challenges of COVID-19, we have implemented the following enhanced protocols at our center:

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Practice Safe Distancing

We ask everyone to wear a face mask which includes parents, children and staff members, and please use social distancing rules. Cloth face masks should NOT be put on babies and children under 2 years old. We are aware that some children may not want to wear a mask but we will encourage them to wear it. 

Clean Hands

Children and staff wash their hands frequently. Hand sanitizer is used when necessary or when the sink is not available.

Drop off/Pick up

As childcare centers are beginning to reopen, a lot of attention is being given to drop-off and pick-up procedures to help minimize the chances of COVID-19 transmission. Parents are not allowed inside classrooms. A staff member will bring child to classroom at the time of arrival and take child to the parents at the time of departure. Only one family at a time allowed inside. Sign In/Sign out is mandatory. Everyone else must wait outside 6 feet apart. 

Temperature Check

Temperature will be taken with a non contact thermometer at drop off and periodically throughout the day.

Any child with temp. 100*F or higher will need to be picked-up immediately. Anyone exhibiting symptoms or with a fever over 100.4 will be prohibited from entering the center.


  • How would we be notified about closures and reopening?
    We will communicate closures and reopening with you via email, the Smartcare ParentApp. In these cases, your center director will be in close communication with you about updates.
  • Will you continue to enroll families during this outbreak?
    Absolutely. We welcome all families to join our center as long as they have not been exposed, are symptom-free, and there are no restrictions from the health department.
  • What if you don’t have enough teachers because they are all out due to concern of coronavirus in the community?
    We’re hard at work to ensure that our centers stay open to support our communities.
  • What are your criteria for closing a classroom or a center?
    There are a few scenarios in which we would close a classroom or the center: • If a child or teacher from a pod is presumed positive or tested positive for COVID-19 we will close the pod for a minimum of 72 hours, and up to 14 days. • If more than one child or teacher from a pod is presumed positive or tested positive for COVID-19, we will close the pod for 14 days. • If children and/or teachers from more than one pod become ill, we will close the center for 14 days. Any decision to close our classes or centers would be made in partnership with local health departments. If a case of coronavirus COVID-19 is found at the center, we would follow our response plan and the direction of public health officials. We’ll be sure to communicate with you quickly, so you’re informed about all actions we take.
  • How do you limit exposure between classrooms?
    To limit potential exposure, we’ve implemented a “pod” structure where children are grouped appropriately to stay separated from others. Teachers and staff will also stay within their assigned pod each day to minimize cross-contamination
  • Do I get charged tuition if the center is closed due to COVID-19 concerns and will my child’s spot be held?
    • For a 72-hour center closure, tuition will not be suspended so we can continue to pay our teachers. • For a 14-day, family-specific isolation, tuition can be suspended, but your child’s spot cannot be held or guaranteed. If you choose to continue your tuition payments, we will hold your child’s spot. • For a 14-day, full-center or pod-specific closure, tuition will be suspended, and your child’s spot is held.
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